Creativity, Learning & Innovation : Through creativity and play, we add value to diversity and we transform learning experiences in the classroom.

We are a non-profit organization, conformed by a multidisciplinary team with professionals coming from the arts, social sciences, education and health. Our principal target is contributing to a more equitative and inclusive educational system through innovative strategies encouraging diversity and strengthening the integrity of the participants.

Presentation CAI Educative Foundation

our educational system has exploited our minds the way we do with the earth: searching for a particular resource. For the future, it will not work. We must re-think the fundamental principles from which we are educating our children.

Ted Talk – Schools kill creativity – Sir Ken Robinson

Mundo ceri magazine colombia : “sound stimulation project”

As a result of our successful participation at the IV international congress of GIEI “A global commitment” in Bogotá, Colombia.

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****El vínculo con el otro

The integrity of every person in a reliable place : Creating unique spaces where we observe and share

Our methodology

Alliance with La Fuente Foundatio : Improving the quality of public education.

Library opening, playroom, educational programs, play, creativity at Escuela Rural San José, Algarrobo.

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Senior adult program : Positive and integral aging

As a result of a new alliance with Nueva Cordillera Clinic, Santiago.

our programs
Early Childhood

We give tools through the experience with teachers and students : In the classroom in real time

Teacher Training Program with Direct Application of Teaching Methodologies. Early childhood Manual. Didactic and teaching material for inclusive education teachers.

Our programs
Early Childhood Program Presentation