Chilean musician, researcher and curator dedicated to sound research and the development of educational programs that contain play and creativity as fundamental elements of learning processes. Trained professionally in Chile, Germany and Cuba, throughout his carreer, he has developed several multidisciplinary projects, where he has collaborated with artists from Morocco, Albany, Germany, Spain, France, Croatia, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Netherlands, Korea and Japan. In the year 2008 he founded the TárabusT Project, non profit organization, dedicated to experimental and improvised music, making many concerts and artistic residences with renowned national and international artists. This organization founded the first orchestra of conducting improvisation in Chile and worked regularly until 2018.

Founder and creator of the innovative inclusive methodology “Sound Stimulation Project”, after working systematically for a period of eight years, he created a new organization in order to give sustainability to the project and continue developing it. Currently, he works as Executive Director of CAI Foundation. He is a member of GIEI (interdisciplinary group of education & inclusion) an international network of professionals, academics and researchers of universities of Colombia, Brasil, Italy, Spain and Mozambique. He belongs to the international network of innovators called PlayFutures of LEGO Foundation, platform dedicated to the development of projects that have play as a learning method. He collaborates as a teacher of the social inclusion diploma, at the Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Program at Chile University, and participates actively in seminars, congresses and lectures related to education, inclusion, development of play and creativity in Chile and abroad.

No one ignores everything. No one knows it all. We all know something. We all ignore something. That’s why we always learn

Paulo Freire

Elisa Heynig / Research, Sociologist

Sociologist, Master in Public Health, Population and Public Policies (EHESS,Paris) and doctorate candidate. She has focused her professional interest in the health area, working in different places, public and private and different areas, such as evaluation of public policies in health, process management, evaluation of user satisfaction, methodological design of research, safety and health at work, among others. Since 2011, she works as an assistant director and researcher in charge of Sound Stimulation Project.

Carolina Cifras / monitor, dancer and choreographer

Graduated in Arts, dance teacher at ARCIS University, Santiago. She has a diploma as a teacher specialized in dance by the French government. She collaborates actively in the curricular design and reforms of different universities, and she is in charge of bringing somatic practices to Chile. Creator of Diplomas such as Health of the body in movement at Universidad Mayor, tools for creation and choreographic research at Universidad Las Américas, she works as a teacher in different subjects such as contemporary technics, didactic method for dance, choreography workshop, movement for actors, choreographic composition, among others. She collaborates actively with the Ministry of Arts and Culture of Chile, developing proposals to improve artistic education and community programs. Throughout her career, she has participated actively in seminars about movement in education, creation, motor development, research. In 2015, she joined the Sound Stimulation Project as part of the permanent team. In the scenic research, her focus has been how the body is crossed and affected by the economical system we are living. She has created the trilogy “2010”,”pampa”,”oropel”. Currently, she is working on her project “Entropía”, that already had its first stage with “peso muerto”.

Christian Delon / monitor, musician

Chilean musician. He collaborates actively in different groups dedicated to improvised music and experimental music sheets. His work is based on the possibilities of sound exploration and active and conscious listening. He has worked with artists from Spain, Japan, Austria, USA, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Chile. In his career he has performed in several festivals dedicated to the search of new forms, sound and aesthetic conventions through the use of field recordings, amplified surface and feedback. Since 2017 is part of the permanent team of Sound Stimulation Project.

Caterina Valsecchi / monitor, art therapist, designer

Art therapist and graduated in Visual Arts. Since 2018 she has conducted workshops about exploration and artistic expression in different institutions contributing from the arts to people with special needs. She has developed workshops for Children at special schools and for adults in foundations and municipalities. With studies of Arts and theater in Chile, expression and disability in Argentina, she has specialized in generating spaces where people with disabilities can create and express themselves freely. In 2015, working at Las Dalias school she gets to know the Sound Stimulation Project and since then, she follows their interventions and progress. Finally, in 2018, she joins the project and becomes a monitor. On the other hand, she has developed a sustainable clothes brand from which she wants to encourage ecological awareness through the creative re-use of clothes not being worn.

Victoria Albornoz / Differential educator

She studied Pedagogy in Special Education with mention in Disability at the Catholic University of Valparaiso, and also she gets training as cognitive mediator PEI Level 1 acredited by the HWCRI Institute of Jerusalem,Israel. She moved to Robinson Crusoe Island, working as part of the primary health care team, being in charge of the infant-juvenile room of the health center. In order to complement her training and get updated into the current challenges, she studies a Diploma in cognitive neuropsychology and family health at Chile University, together with training in motor development by MINSAL and integral health of second childhood at Valparaiso University. As she came back, she gets training as Mindfulness infant-juvenile instructor and gets certified in Autism observation scale ADOS-2. She gets acreditation in the initial JASPER model. At the same time she started her Master Degree in Special Education with mention in language, hearing and communication disorders. Since 2017, she is part of the Sound Stimulation Project. She has been technical advisor at Inclusion and disability-America Solidaria Foundation and currently she is leading an implementation of a Mindfulness program in early education at Kindergarten schools “Planeta tierra”.

Gonzalo Aguirre / audiovisual producer

Graduated in Plastic Arts at Chile University. Master Degree in Visual Arts, UNAM, Mexico. He works mainly in the audiovisual area and develops trans-disciplinary projects integrating literature, video and sound. His work explores the narrative and discursive resources of the production of audiovisual images; in a constant search of the senses hidden behind them. He has presented his work in different emerging and consolidated places of Chile, Mexico and Argentina. Currently, along with his work as an independent artist, he is an associate professor of the course central workshop III and IV in the undergraduate program of Visual Arts at UDP, he works as an audiovisual producer in the Sound Stimulation Project and at the cultural center “creando Integración” for children with TEA. In addition, he works as a teacher in the ACCIONA program at the Arts, Culture and Patrimony, Ministry of Chile.

Francisco Espinoza Pérez / audiovisual producer

His first work is the short documentary film “how do you see Santiago de Chile in 30 years on?(2001). In 2003 he co-produces and directs the medium-length documentary film “Omnivadar family”. In 2005, his nano short film “Cazuela” got the third place in “urban nano short films competition” organized by Plagio Magazine and TVN. From 2006 to 2011, he made several short documentary films, social oriented, for the Proniño Foundation and the national council of culture of Chile(“human treasures alive”). In 2011 he is commissioned by DAV (Andean german club) and SOCHEX (Chilean Society of Exploration) the making of the medium-length documentary film “Mother of God Island”, which is about the first chilean expedition to the most rainy place in the world. Since 2012, he co-directs the production company “Orgánica Films”, where he has co-directed the medium-length film “Boys and Girls in action” for Balmaceda Arte Joven about art workshops in shantytowns of Chile and the short documentary film “learning in my language” which observes a deaf teacher teaching the chilean sign language as a first language to first grade students of elementary school. In 2018, he released at movie theaters the documentary film “Last Year”, which is about the discrimination suffered by deaf people in their school years.

Le monde est tel que la belle étoile très rapide voyage. Pour toujours avec les comètes de plusieurs kilos et puis oublier / designer, web producer

Born in Chile and raised in Brasil. In the late 90’s , he moved to France where he was one of the founders of ktha compagnie in 2000. He studied acting at the Paris 8- Vincennes getting a Master degree in Scenic Arts. He was the director of all the plays of the company since its creation until 2014 when he returned to Chile. In the late years he has worked in the areas of direction, communication, playwriting and video making, among others. His theater work is based on the present of the situation, in the concrete reality and poetry, where the actors are, above all, people in front of other people, in a common space cleared from the fictions of the character and the habits of representation.

Besides working in theater, he is interested in the digital and visual arts, programming and graphic design, among others.

Board of Directors

Claudia Yolin / President

Born in Santiago, Chile she is currently living in the rural area of the region of Valparaiso. With 20 years of professional career, she has been part of important companies in the country and stage designer of important plays with a strong emphasis in aesthetics. Her work searches development through simple lines, open metaphors and accessible visuality, looking for the richness of emotive and mental places, the structural foundation of her work, adding value to the design as an aesthetic context favorable for a deep trip that will enrich the theater experience of everyone involved. Her work has been seen in the most important theaters in the country and internationally she has participated in plays, residences and extensive tours in Spain, Netherlands, USA, Italy, Argentina, Brasil, Germany, Uruguay, Ireland, Japan and Mexico with an extraordinary international critical reception.

Rodrigo Moya / Treasurer

Born in Santiago, Chile. He is graduated in Sciences of Engineering, civil engineer in Mines and MBA at Chile university. Innate planner with an intensive career of more than 25 years developing projects with an integral view, besides considering strategic commercial accomplishments of the mining industry, he focuses on including environmental issues plus a strong emphasis in the quality of communication of his work teams. He is certified in coaching by Newfiled. In 2015 he was part of a short courses program at MIT. Currently he works as a project development manager and projects vice-president at Antofagasta Minerals company.

Klaus Heynig / Secretary

Economist from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, with Master studies in organizational development and strategic planning at Chile University. Trained as a professional coach, with vast experience in design and project management in the economical, social and environmental field. He worked as an international official at FAO and CEPAL (Economical commission of the United Nations for Latin America and the Caribbean). He researches, makes studies and give technical consulting to governments in Latin America and the Caribbean in important economical and social subjects. He participated in three peace missions of the UN in Africa and Central America. Currently, he is consultant of several non-governmental and non-profit institutions and organisms, and also he works in the areas of organizational development, strategic planning and coaching.