Inclusive methodologies focused on Play development and Creativity : encouraging an integral and inclusive learning of great quality

About Us

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization, conformed by a multidisciplinary team with professionals coming from the arts, social sciences, education and health. Through continuous learning procedures and permanent research, we work in different territories and communities throughout Chile and other countries. In this way, we establish national and international networks, creating innovative and inclusive methodologies focused on Play development and Creativity, helping and strengthening an inclusive, integral learning of great quality.


Our principal target is contributing to a more equitative and inclusive educational system through innovative strategies encouraging diversity and strengthening the integrity of the participants. We would like to install a change in the way we look at, and the way we teach and learn, through the development and implementation of educational programs that contribute and give new skills, accomplishing to give a better life standard and a higher integration in the society, as much for the direct participants as their family environment, who are included actively in our work.


We want to be an organization that contributes to innovation in the education field, promoting new methodologies, strategies and learning skills, that nourish through research, interaction and experiences with other people and institutions in Chile and abroad.

We want to be recognized as an institution of excellence, ensuring the accomplishment of our objectives, searching for the greatest impact of our performance through quality, continuous improvement and the optimization of our capacities and resources.

We look ourselves ahead in time as a sustainable organization that looks for the best practices in our programs, creating synergies, strengthening and getting the best out of our experiences and networks established with other institutions in order to improve our performance.

We can ignore our differences and suppose that all our minds are the same. Or, we can get the best out of these differences.
Howard Gardner