Learning from the processes completed : Contributing to people and institutions in the field of education


The research we do is a contribution to people and institutions of the field of education and people who work in the development of new practices and other ways of learning.

This video was made at the end of the Program implemented in Hospital el Carmen, Maipú, Santiago.

Research has been fundamental in the process and development of our work. Since the beginning, we have incorporated it in all the Programs we have developed, which allow us today, being clear about the positive results and the impact that the methodological core has in these nine years of work.

Why research?

  • It contributes to the knowledge, understanding and the development of methodologies and their effects.
  • We learn from the processes completed, we get to know and recognize the differences between the different contexts where we are working, fitting in a better way in each of them .
  • It allows us to get feedback in our processes, practices and work methodology, and also give feedback to the participants and the institutions that support us.
  • It identifies obstacles and needs of the different contexts to develop concrete and effective results.
  • It creates contents and work material for the Programs, being a support in the process of installing capacities and skills in the different communities.
  • It identifies necessities we have as a team, what aspects we have to deepen, adjust or modify.
  • Supporting management and formulation of projects to grow and strengthen alliances that allow us to be a sustainable foundation through the years.

We analyze activities and dynamics in our workshops; we observe physical, sensorial, social-emotional, cognitive, social and communicational development of the participants; their interactions and manifestations; we listen to the needs and expectations the participants have. In this way, we give theoretical and empirical sustain to our work.

Methodology and instruments

  • Interviews and/or questionaries to parents, tutors, teachers and others involved in the process.
  • Evaluation guideline to asses effects and measure results of the students.
  • Reports of teachers.
  • Case study of the participants.
  • Videos and photos of the processes.