Alliances, synergies and projects : The fundamental importance of collaboration


Where we work

At this moment we are working in the development of several projects and diverse collaborations with different institutions in Chile and abroad.

Special School Bellavista, Valparaíso.

Since 2018, we have been implementing the Teacher Training Program with Direct Application to Students, at Bellavista Special School in Valparaiso. Starting 2019, we are working with 25 teachers and 160 students, plus workshops oriented to the tutors. The intervention has been really positive, we have been able to give a great amount of tools and deepen in several areas of our practice, we are all very content, it is a pleasure to work with this empowered community, updated in relation with the new paradigms of education and inclusion.

Rural School San José, Algarrobo.

Starting at the first semester of 2019, we will be implementing our Program for public education students. It will work every week with boy and girls from 1st to 4th grade. We will also hold workshops for teachers and parents of the San José School community.

Nueva Cordillera Clinic, Santiago.

Starting at the first semester of 2019, we are making our second program oriented to senior adults, we made this decision given the positive results we observed in the “inclusive weeks” we have done ,where we frequently had over 65-year-old people.

Because of this, we have concreted an alliance with “Clínica Nueva Cordillera”, offering a new service for the senior adult from Las Condes commune. During the month of July in 2019, we made the pilot of our methodology called “integral and positive aging” with the purpose of giving tools of perception, promoting awareness and relationship with their own active body, contributing to improve their mood and giving a live perspective of themselves, preventing possible depressive moods and lost of vitality of the participant.

The experience was a success and we will be informing soon about the location of this new program oriented to the senior adult.


La Fuente Foundation, Chile.

After the encounter of our executive director and Verónica Abud, General Manager of La Fuente Foundation at the first International Seminar of Education and Creativity PUELCHE, organized by PLADES Foundation in Frutillar, a series of meetings have been held to explore collaborations and support between both institutions.

In 2018, Veronica invites our director to be part of a commissioned project by LEGO Foundation in Dinamarca called “Explorations N4”, directed by her, together with a renowned team of researchers and chilean professionals. The goal of the project was to create a methodology of playful storytelling, low cost and scalable, so that it would get to as many places possible with little resources. The mission of our director was to contribute with the activation of sound listening and perception that might be in the children during the experiment that was being carried out. The process was enourmously interesting, creative and very positive, which had a concrete outcome, a manual of 11 steps of playful storytelling plus a tutorial video, which can be done by anyone at any place.

Here we leave the PDF manual with a web link, so you can download, enjoy and share it.

Starting the second semester of 2019, each Foundation will concrete the implementation of educational programs for teachers and students, as well. La Fuente will concrete the opening of a school library/playroom with their program “Creating the readers of the future” (CLM acr. In Spanish).

We will also deliver the Manual of the methodology of playful storytelling so it can be developed with time by the educational community, contributing in a concrete way to the playroom workshop.

GIEI (acr. In Spanish) interdisciplinary group for education and inclusion.

International network of researchers and academics composed by professionals from universities of Brazil, Italy, Mozambique, Spain, Colombia and Chile that meet every two years to hold a congress in education and inclusion. The next event will take place in Maputo, Mozambique.

PlayFutures of LEGO Foundation, Denmark.

International educational community dedicated to promote play as a mean of learning. It is a private network of professionals, academics and researchers from different parts of the world, which develop educational projects with the purpose of broaden and improve the quality of education, based on the development of new practices that promote creativity, play and inclusion, and develop solutions for the challenges of nowadays.

Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Patrimony, Chile.

Since 2018, we have been working in an alliance with the regional office of the V region education department as a result of an agreement of collaboration and exchange with the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Patrimony.

Occupational Therapy Graduate Program, Faculty of Medicine, Chile University, Santiago.

Since the beginning of the Sound Stimulation Project (2010), we have been collaborating and working together with the Occupational Therapy Graduate Program at the Faculty of Medicine, Chile University. During 2019, after three consecutive years, we will be making workshops at the same institutions.

Marco Agreement with the District University Francisco José de Caldas, Colombia.

Instrument of collaboration and international cooperation between both institutions to promote exchange and development of educational projects.

ProBono Foundation

Institution that assists us in legal matters.

Advertising agency Los Quiltros, Chile.

During 2019 and 2020 we will be working together with the advertising agency, Los Quiltros, that will be in charge of our communicational strategy and community manager of social networks.