Play, Creativity, Interaction and Bond with the other : New skills for the integral development of people.


Currently, we are working on implementing several educational programs born in the core of our methodology. We define it as an educational practice that has as a goal giving skills for a concrete practice to improve the life quality of people through the exploration of sound and listening. Our methodology is based on play, creativity, interaction and bond with the other. Through bodywork and deep listening, we deliver new skills and codes of language that support the integral development of people.

It so happens that the ears have no eyelids, sound rushes in…

Hatred to Music- Pascal Quignard

We offer programs oriented to students with special needs, specially those with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), students and teachers of general education, public or private, and programs for early childhood and senior adults. On the other hand, we create programs oriented to the whole community, generating inclusive contexts, what we call “Inclusive Sessions”.

Students with special needs

We give concrete skills to the integral development of children and young adults; considering all areas of development, social and sensorial integration, vestibular and proprioceptive system, competences, autonomy, bond with the other, development of communicational skills and new codes of language.

Video made in the Escuela Magdalena Ávalos Crúz, ASPAUT, San Miguel, Santiago.

Students of general education (Public And/Or Private)

We create a reliable environment to awake and develop the auditive system. We foster creativity, curiosity and strengthen critical thinking, we develop social skills and strengthen the joint attention of children and young adults in their formative years. We improve coexistence at school, and we reduce the incidence of bullying, through play as a mean of learning.

Rural Basic School, San José.

Teacher training program for general education

We deliver and install the fundamental bases of our methodology in teacher staff so they can enrich and complement their formation in order to develop it later and apply it in the classroom.

Video made at the Occupational Therapy Graduate Program, Faculty of Medicine, Chile University.

Teacher training program with direct application in early childhood (3 to 6 years old). Handing of the Sound Stimulation manual. Didactic and pedagogical skills.

We generated the fusion of the Teacher Training Program with the Students Program, because we are sure that there is no better way of delivering the contents and skills of our methodology than working together with teachers and students in the same classroom. During a few years we have developed it systematically, confirming important results, creating between teachers the bases of a reliable environment, we active their auditive system, we develop the proprioceptive and vestibular system, awakening the corporal awareness, in order to work with the students. We develop and strengthen joint attention, and also the development of social skills and autonomy. We develop play strategies that allow experiencing, discovering and enjoying while gaining knowledge.

Video made during the implementation of the Program at Bellavista School, Valparaiso.

Senior adult / positive and integral aging

We promote awareness and relationship with their own active body, giving a live perception of themselves, contributing to improve their mood, and prevent depression and lost of vitality of the beneficiaries. We give skills of relaxation, corporal awareness and deep listening, we re-activate their listening capacity, giving moments of serenity, peace and profound wellness through collective companionship and play.

Pilot video senior Adult / Positive and Integral Aging, Clinica Nueva Cordillera, Santiago.

Inclusive sessions

We generate a reflexive and practical moment in the context of inclusion, showing the necessity of creating new codes of language that allow us as a society, foster creativity, rely on diversity as a rewarding element of it, and the development of bond to improve the life quality of everyone.

This video was made at the Parque Cultural, Valparaiso.